Metal sheeting saves lives

After the earthquakes in Nepal we sent out money to our partners to buy metal sheeting to give families shelter. Here are just a few of them.

Ram Prasad also told us about a family, who were struggling even before the earthquakes. Krishna’s parents both died of HIV, first his mother and then his father.  After his father’s death nobody from the village came to his house to get the body to be cremated, due to the stigma that the illness carries. So the body was left at home decaying.  When the smell was unbearable, the villagers came to the house and cremated the body beside Krishna’s house, leaving the boys with nobody to care for them. Occasionally their 70 year old grandma would appear, but never stayed very long as their shelter was poor and no good for the work that she was trying to do to earn a living.

Krishna told Ram, “If my house is rebuilt, I and my brothers and grandma can live together and make our living by working in the village. My grandma has the skill of stitching cloth; she can make her living and we can be together as a family.”  With the money donated here in the UK, Ram Prasad was able to buy metal sheeting and the team rebuilt their home. Now boys along with their grandma live together in their home and live their lives with dignity.

We would like to thank everyone who donated money to help rebuild these home and lives.  Your generosity has made a significant and lasting impact on children’s lives.  Children like Krishna, and his brothers, Shantosh and Pradeep now have a roof over their heads and all the stability that a consistant carer brings.