Happy New Homes!

Our first day was a treat. Before meeting the children or doing any work, Kippy (Project Co-ordinator) had planned a boat trip to Banana Island which was in fact paradise.

We spent a lovely day in the warm sun, swimming and eating.

After this, I was desperate to meet the children we had travelled so far to see. Introductions were made at the school where we met each class. Later, the children we support came to visit us at Kippy’s house.

It was so much fun giving out the Beanie Bears (thank you Kim Adamson) and Cub Packs and then having a good old dance with the children.

From then on, our trip was varied; painting & decorating, football, teaching, playing, meeting key people and then of course – the grand opening of the first two homes and seeing the children move in!

The day they brought their belongings into the house was especially precious. For these children, this house is such a treat. Carpet tiles, colourful paint and both a dining and lounge suite are things many of their friends live without. Seeing how they took off their shoes before walking on the concrete floor made me feel happy that they will care for what they have and that they feel privileged to have it. At times, we saw the needs of the other children in the community. Although they don’t have some of these material things, they have something our children at Heaven Homes don’t have, parents – and that is why they need our help.

If you’d like to help support these precious children, join the family today by clicking the link below.


Rebecca Flanagan