Shelter from the rain

They are just so grateful to have been given the means to improve the look of the school building, adding this lovely artwork to brighten the place up and make it more inviting.  

This veranda was added for shaded space in the midday sun and an area to take shelter when the rain comes. In Uganda, when it rains, it pours! You can forget teaching or talking, you simply have to wait patiently  until it stops. Rain crashes so hard on the metal roof that you can’t hear a thing. This veranda is now a great place for the children to eat lunch away from the elements. 


Pencott continues to do an excellent job of educating children from the slum who would have otherwise not have had the opportunity of an education. We are so thankful to donors who have faithfully given to this project since it started. It continues to make a difference for many orphans and vulnerable children and we are proud of the impact this project has has on its community.