Signing in the community

Today a young deaf lady, Patience, came to see me. 

She had taken her daughter to the hospital and was greeted by a nurse who signed to her in faltering, but none the less clear signs, “How are you?” 

Patience was excited – “I’m fine” she replied. “Where did you learn sign language?”

The nurse went on to explain that she had come to a workshop at Nzeve and she recognised Patience.  After seeing the doctor, Patience was surprised again when she was greeted by the hospital counsellor who had also attended one of our workshops.


Our vision is to see the deaf community valued by society.  This sort of interaction is what makes deaf people believe it is possible to achieve this. 

“It’s better now,” said Patience, “People are able to sign with me and I feel more important!  One day maybe everyone will be able to greet deaf people!”