100% Success for students!


All 10 students of the P7 pupils have now passed their primary school final examination. This is brilliant news – 100% success rate. Well done!

Philip recently found out about four of Pencott’s past pupils who are now in their early twenties. They are employed and succeeding in life. Hearing this has been an enormous source of encouragement to Philip and Margaret.

All  the pupils at Pencott Valley Primary School are means tested. Half are awarded scholarship to receive free education while others pay £15 per term. This year the school hopes to enrol around 200 students. The numbers have increased because of the reputation of the school in the local area. News travels fast and the news of exam success and good quality education means that more people want their fee paying children to attend the school. This is fantastic as it helps to ensure its economic sustainability.

Developments at the school have been ongoing for many years.  Currently Philip is working on a new two-storey building.  The work on this is going well, the walls of the second level are up and  the steel beams are the next things to be installed.

The last piece of news from Philip was an update about Nangoli.  Back in February last year our team met Nangoli, an 11 year old boy whose little body was struggling to fight HIV.  Without a good diet and regular access to antiretroviral drugs his health would have continued to rapidly decline.  His older brother (age 19) had agreed to take care of Nangoli and his sister, but needed some support to provide good nutritious meals. Philip told me that all three of them are doing well and Nangoli is strong. Food supplies are bought each week for older brother to use for meals and both children are attending school.

Thank you again to everyone who supports this worthwhile and successful project.

UgandaBrad Moore