Cubbies for the Grin


The purpose that these serve may not be as obvious as some of the items we give out such as blankets, however, these super cute cuddlies are definitely fulfilling a vital role. 

The psychosocial aspect of caring for children is key in ensuring that they feel safe.  Who knows that children love something to cuddle, and to call their own?  There were some huge smiles in Antigua when the team delivered these!

These Cubbies have already made a difference to children who lost their homes in Barbuda in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  After a quick trip to Antigua to get a first hand experience of the situation we sent these over with a great team from Virgin Atlantic.

Some Cubbies also managed to sneak their way into a shipment to Sierra Leone for the children orphaned by Ebola and more recently by the mudslides.  We are excited about using this donation across a number of our projects including right here in the UK.  

Thank you so much to everyone at Cubbies!