Volunteering Experience make an Impact


“We have been volunteering here for the past 3 months and have learned a lot about the charity and what it does. We have learned many new things. These have been physical, emotional and educational. 

When we first arrived Brad gave us a very informative, surprising and inspiring talk all about the charity, places it’s helped, the different people it has changed the lives of, and the many varying ways it supports them. Each person they help is treated personally and given the best support that they need in their life.

We then did a different task each week. Rob helped us in the warehouse where we did tasks from packing teddy bears for Crisis Response to sorting school books for Sierra Leone to packing warm clothing for Moldova and Romania whilst jamming to the Greatest Showman soundtrack. We also made a lot of tea and ate a lot of biscuits!! It was great getting to know the team.

Overall, it has been an enjoyable, eye opening and touching experience. We covered issues that for us, being only 13 and 14, we have never experienced. It has made us think more about others lives and how lucky we are to be in the position that we are in and taught us about giving rather than receiving.  The amount of thought and planning that goes into it all and the amount of care is so inspiring. 

To know we have helped children of all ages, locally and across the world who are going through issues that are nothing like we have had, is a really good feeling. Although this will definitely not be the last time that we come here, we will never forget the things we have learned and experienced in the past few months.”

(names withheld)