Children of Hope – March 2017

Nancy Chulu, the Care Coordinator for Children of Hope, whom we have worked with since before Operation Orphan was registered, passed away from cancer at the end of last year.


We sent over a donation of £100 to go towards her funeral fees. Sadly, her son Silas, who was 20, passed away a week later. Nancy has left an incredible legacy and her departure will be deeply felt.

I received the following report from our partners at Lighthouse Church.

The programme continues to run with support from the existing team that worked with Nancy and a new volunteer who will make home and school visits. The monthly meetings at the church with guardians will continue. We would like to take this meeting with guardians as an opportunity to teach/train them on different issues that may affect children in the homes and school such as abuse (physically, verbally, emotionally, sexually).  These issues prevent children from performing well in school and we want to deal with them if we can.  We are hoping to work towards building a complete child who will be able to give back into their community. 

The school fees are linked to the performance of the child. Since this has been put into effect there has been a good change in attitude and grades of the children who have been affected.  We are still facing a challenge with our give back programme with the children, but we have been firm with the parents/guardians that they need to make time for the children to come and learn to give back. 

We have one family (Mlambo family) that we help with hospital fees, medication, food and clothes when we have the means. They are also accommodated by our Children of Hope funds.  

The Christmas party was a success, the church and the community came together and made it work. You will find in our financial report that we transported the Honde Valley children to come for the Christmas party. At present we have 35 children in Children of Hope (including the 15 based in Honde valley).  We have 4 students who are writing the high school final exams this year and 5 who are writing their Grade 7 exams.  We have one new child, but our enrolement list has been limited because of the amount of exams fees that need to be paid, but we are hoping to put more children on the programme in the next term. 

In very difficult circumstances, these children have a level of stability in their lives because their school places are secured. This investment improves their resilience and chances of building an independent and strong future.

I want to thank you, the donors, as well as the team in Zimbabwe for supporting these children.