Hope for Life Update

Since its formation, Hope for Life has helped hundreds of children living with HIV/AIDS in Mutare.

Project Director Never Femayi recently sent though an update on the project’s activity and below are exerts from the report. Operation Orphan’s financial contribution empowers the team to deliver the support groups and holiday camps. The vision of the project is to widen its reach and help the thousands more who are struggling to live with this disease. We are honoured to partner with such a great project and celebrate in its success. Please consider helping to support the team by setting up a regular monthly donation. Every penny makes such a difference.

Brad Moore

Managing Director

Update from Never Femayi. Director Hope for Life


I am glad to report that the number of children we have supported who are now married has increased to eight (8). Most of their marriages are with HIV negative partners and they have managed to have negative babies through our support and the support of our partners.


  1. Support groups in Mutare Urban.

  • The four areas where support groups have been established are all functioning with the help of voluntary facilitators. Those attending are all below 12 years down to 6 years.

  • Each support group meets once per month and have a facilitator co-ordinating the support group.

  • Each support group has an attendance of 40 – 50 children. We appreciate the work done by the facilitators which are doing the work voluntarily.

  1. Adolescents support groups.

This is a group of the adolescents and youths from the age of 16 – 24 years. This group meets every first Saturday of a month. The number of those attending the meeting is now over 70 as for the month of March.

A guardian’s workshop was run and 30 guardians and parents attended. The aim was to empower the parents and guardians who live with these children to understand them and also helping them to build self-esteem. This was a crucial meeting as we heard other side of the children the way they live in the community. It was noted that most of them still have grief and some they have difficulty on adherence to medication. A follow up meeting was suggested.


Hope for Life has partnered with Youth Alive Zimbabwe on facilitating on different topics during the support groups meeting.

The discussed topics are:-

  1. Adherence to medication.

  2. Disclosure of one’s status to his/her sexual partner.

  3. Stigma and discrimination in the set-up of marriages of those living with HIV.


I would like to thank our partners both International and local. These are:

  1. Operation Orphan UK.

  2. The Velories.

  3. Family Aids caring Trust Zimbabwe.

  4. Youth Alive Zimbabwe.

These organisations has made us through to date. I would like to thank the Hope for Life board members which continue to stand by me in making Hope for Life together with the voluntary facilitators.

Thank you, Never Femayi