Stories from Sakubva


There have been some exciting developments at the Amatelaz Homework Centre in Sakubva, in the east of Zimbabwe.

Firstly, after one of the worst droughts in living memory, the rains have come! This means that the many folk who subsist, or who supplement a meagre income by farming or gardening will have the opportunity to plant and reap crops again. Even a few “mealies” make a huge difference when you are not sure where your next meal is coming from…


There have been some great exams results from our girls who sat their O levels last December. Two girls sat and both passed with good grades in 4 and 5 subjects. In a country where the statistics tell us that only 29% of students will pass their 5 subjects, this is really pleasing.

The economic situation continues to be very, very challenging in Zimbabwe. The introduction of government bond notes instead of US dollars is causing mayhem and many of our children have struggled to pay their school fees. A generous and timely gift from one of our supporters has paid for four children who would otherwise have had to drop out of school. Imagine the rejoicing when we were able to give confirmation of this to their carers!


Our teaching staff has been augmented by the arrival of two young helpers. Brighton, an engineering student from Harare (who covered for our permanent teacher Jacob, when he went on a couple of courses) who brought a wonderful knowledge of maths and science with him! This has been very much appreciated by the students and he will be coming back again soon! Kudzai is a sixth former at a good school in Mutare and she has generously been giving her time to help out with the English reading at the Centre. It is so lovely for the girls to have this lovely young, compassionate and hard working role model!

Clare Aston