Cyclone Idai Response Update

Times like this are exactly when children are known to be at the highest risk of trafficking and our Crisis Response mandate is to find children who have been orphaned and help to keep them safe. The next stage is to connect them to a long-term care structure and where this is NOT possible, we promise to create a care structure for them - so that they can be cared for.

After days of waiting and travelling, the Crisis Response Team finally managed to get our aid into the right hands.
The team had a super productive first day in Zimbabwe, distributing essentials and finding children who have devastatingly been orphaned by Cyclone Idai.
The beautiful blankets have been a huge hit! Thank you, crafters, for your handiwork.
The Lifestraw water filters are an incredible resource and our team trained recipients on how to use and maintain them. Each one will provide clean filtered water to a family for 3 years! 110 cyclone affected families in Ngangu now have access to clean water. We left the remaining family water filters with social services who will continue this great work.

The team set up a temporary clinic to conduct health checks for over 70 children and discovered many children who were identified as unaccompanied. This is devastating but we are so glad to have found these precious little ones (and older ones too).

Further Aid is so close but with no roads and bridges the lorries are stuck waiting to get to the people. It’s imperative to access clean water and we are so grateful to the air force for allowing us the ability to bring our water filters & other aid in.
It’s our understanding that the UN helicopter will now begin operating which is great news.

There is a lot of work to be done to rebuild homes, schools, roads and bridges and all that has been lost. Our thoughts are with those who are rebuilding their lives with love ones who were caught in this dreadful storm.

The first stage of our crisis response has been an enormous success and we thank you all for supporting our team.

·         Water filters, emergency shelters, comfort blankets given to those affected by Cyclone Idai.

·         Many orphans brought to a safe place.

·         A pathway for more tax-free aid has been opened in conjunction with the Zimbabwean government.

This is all good news and we couldn’t have achieved this without YOUR backing.
We have a strong team in Zimbabwe so even though our UK team have left, the great work will continue and people are on the lookout for unaccompanied children who have been orphaned through this crisis.

Please donate to support the survivors of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe