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Amatelez Homework Centre



Parents and carers often support children with their homework and generally encourage them to make the most of their learning opportunity.

The purpose of the Amatelaz Homework Centre is to provide the same kind of support for orphans and vulnerable children who don't receive this at home. In a safe and supervised environment the children receive assistance with their daily homework, undergo curriculum-based revision and strengthen their ability to read and write in English.

Children also have access to pastoral care, helping with their psychosocial needs as well as vocational training in sewing and farming.

In countries where English is not their mother-tongue, children are still expected to study and sit their exams in English. In Zimbabwe, if you don't have an O-level certificate you will find it extremely difficult to find employment. We are so proud of past students who have come through this programme and are now running their own successful businesses thanks to the support they received.

The project is now managed by June Goss, a retired head teacher who was responsible for the education of our very own MD, Brad Moore. June is an outstanding and experienced teacher who brings an enormous level of skill and excellence to the project.