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Children of Hope


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Throughout Zimbabwe there are countless orphans living with their extended family both in the high density suburbs and in the rural areas.

These children are often regarded as less important than the host families’ own offspring, resulting in disproportionate support and opportunities. We’ve found the most effective way of helping children in this situation is to become their advocate, to monitor their welfare and provide targeted support within their host family.

Children of Hope currently supports 35 orphans, giving them the ability to attend school. The majority of these children are from the city of Mutare while others live approximately 50km north of the city in Honde Valley. The Children of Hope team visits each of the children in their respective homes. They also liaise with their schools to ensure the children are kept safe, well fed and have good school attendance. Finances are primarily used to pay for the children’s education which includes school fees, books, uniforms and stationery. Fun days are put on for the children every now and then. These provide an opportunity for them to meet with others in a similar position, helping them to feel a sense of belonging. They have a hot meal together and enjoy playing games and fun activities.

The team also facilitates a level of community, providing support for the children as they grieve the loss of their parents and try to rebuild their lives.