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Keep a Child Warm



It was in a small village called Tap in western Hungary back in 2011 that Keep a Child Warm first began.

When we understood the conditions impoverished children were facing during the winter freeze, we decided to respond. Our initial gift that year was 70 pairs of thermal winter gloves. These were hand delivered by our friends who live nearby. This initial gift of gloves has subsequently led to thousands of children in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Iraq, Jordan and Moldova being kitted out for winter with a warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf and a blanket.

We now have established relationships with a number of government children's homes in the region of Gyor in western Hungary. Historically we have sent winter clothing and food to the centres to help offset their running costs. As with many Eastern and Central European countries, resources for the care system are stretched and therefore any assistance is greatly received.

The children’s homes we support through Keep a Child Warm are always extremely grateful for this simple act of kindness. It makes a massive difference, not just to the warmth of the children throughout winter, but to their identity and self-worth. They appreciate knowing that there are people in the world who have thought about them and are willing to show kindness.