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Keep A Child Learning



Project coordinator Veronica is working with her local school, helping vulnerable children to have the chance of an education.

Many of these children were unable to attend school for economic reasons. Veronica visits the families and where possible supports them practically, helping to get the children back into the classroom. Often this means buying school uniforms, pens, books and also a meal so that the children can concentrate on their studies.

This intervention has led to Veronica recently discovering a 6-year-old orphan girl living in the rural area with her grandmother. Veronica could only describe their home as a goat shed with no amenities and no toilet. Grandma is disabled and is doing her best to provide basics but has no means to enrol the little girl to school. We are delighted to be able to help in this situation and create a brighter future for this little one. Through Keep a Child Learning we have committed to covering her school fees and other costs associated with her education. This is a long term commitment to see her through school, setting her up for life. We are also looking into building a small hurricane resistant home and toilet for the two of them to improve their quality of life and keep them safe.

Veronica says “One of the reasons we are passionate about helping these young people is that several years ago we personally helped a young man by making a contribution towards his school fees. We found out that not only did he excel in school, but he is now working in Germany….wow that makes it worthwhile!”