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King's Village

Nutrition Centre - Education - Public Health

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We are proud to be working with the King's Village, our partners in Northern Ghana.

Ann and Terry Carpenter, our Project Coordinators, have been involved with the village for over 10 years and continue to work on our behalf ensuring the support we send is both relevant and effective. Over the years we have invested in the renovation of a clinic in the overseas area, the Water and Sanitation Programme as well as the highly effective Nutrition Centre.

Since its opening in June 2008, the Nutrition Centre has treated more than 600 children for severe malnutrition, bringing them back from the brink of death. The children and their mothers are admitted to the centre for up to six weeks where they receive intensive free care through our feeding programme. During this time mothers are trained in nutritional care, helping to equip them to take care of their babies as they grow. They also receive training in micro business to help them create a source of income once they leave.

The centre has also provided care for more than 2,000 children through a weekly children’s health clinic, followed up with community visits by the nutritionists.

Our long term commitment to the King’s Village is focused on supporting the work of the Nutrition Centre as well as the public health response, including water and sanitation. Through the Keep a Child Learning Scholarship Fund we are also providing education for local orphans. These children are attending the King’s School which gives them an excellent foundation for life.