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Operation Orphan began working in Nepal after responding to the Earthquakes of 2015.

This was the first deployment of our Crisis Response Team and whilst in country Brad forged a great partnership with a local organisation called the National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN). Together with a team of volunteers we delivered relief to 400 families to help keep their children safe and healthy by providing food and warm clothing.

In preparation for the intense rains of the monsoon season a further £3000 was provided to purchase corrugated metal sheets for 30 families to build sturdy temporary shelters. The double impact of this investment meant that not only would these sheets provide an appropriate short term solution but it also empowers the family to rebuild their new permanent home.

Whilst in the area we were actively looking for children who had been orphaned, to keep them safe. It was at this time we found Anita; she had lost her mother and sister in the earthquake. We were able to ensure her safety until her father, who was working in Qatar, returned to Nepal.

Soon after the disaster, our partners discovered 4 more children who had been orphaned by the earthquake. These children do not live in Kathmandu, but their parents, who were working in the capital, sadly lost their lives when the earthquake struck. Through our partnership with NMCN we are supporting these children. Our Keep a Child family enables us to cover the cost of their education. This means their carers will not need to worry about this extra financial burden and guarantees their opportunity to an education.

We have also committed to paying school fees for a further 11 children living in extremely vulnerable slum conditions in Kathmandu.

Transitioning support from a disaster to long-term care is always the aim and here is a great example of how this is possible.