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Keep a Child Warm



Since 2012 we have been supporting children in Romania. We have two partners in the west of the country.

The first being in Salonta where almost 100 children are in residential care. Some children are orphans with no extended family. Others come from families too poor to look after them and are therefore placed into care. Istvan and his team provide a lovely environment for the children and we support them periodically by sending clothing and pallets of food to help offset their running costs. Our Global Expeditions to Salonta have been focused on Keep a Child Warm distributions, providing warm clothing to a number of orphanages in the region.

Our second partner is in Marghita and they have a community centre that serves the local community. They provide free clothing and other practical support to the villagers. One man who lost his wife and has seven children could not believe that he could clothe his kids for free. Alex, our (project coordinator) said the man only took what he needed and was truly grateful for the support.

Aid is prepared between June and September and dropped off by the truck that is heading to Moldova with the winter clothing.

We are thrilled to be connected to these incredible projects and through our partnership we are changing hundreds of lives for a brighter future.