We need warm coats


Our Keep a Child Warm initiative starts with generous people right here in the UK. 

We have schools, businesses and individuals arranging bulk coat collections all over the country.  We arrange to pick these up throughout June.  

We've found that schools, in particular, love to get involved. It's a great way of teaching the children about sustainability, generosity, different cultures and about engaging with their wider world. Once the winter coats have been collected in June, they are sorted, packed and shipped during September to Moldova, Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe. Our expedition team fly out in October to distribute the coats and other warm clothing to the children before the winter freeze kicks in.

If you've been involved in our collections you'll know the joy of scanning through our distribution photos to see if you can catch a glimpse of the coat that you donated! If you'd like to do a collection among your networks, please ensure you contact us before you do anything else!  This is so that we can arrange a pick up with you and provide you with all the resources you will need to advertise your coat collection.

Coat collection 2.jpg