Help in our warehouse


Become part of our volunteer network that help us to sort and send out your donations. 

Our small but effective warehouse in Attenborough, Nottingham plays a central role throughout the year.  For some of the year it hosts our very first clothing sort for the Keep a Child Warm project. This is when all our donations from schools, companies, groups and individuals are processed and sized.

We also get large donations of surplus stock from clothing companies. These boxes need a good old-fashioned stock take and then re-boxing and labelling. 

Last, but certainly not least, we have parcels arriving every week from knitting groups and individuals all over the country.  We are incredibly grateful for our dedicated crafters!  These blankets also need sizing and yes, you've guessed it - boxing!

If you've got some time during the week to volunteer for a couple of hours please get in touch.  We think this job is much more fun in a team, so if you think you could get a team of people to volunteer - the more the merrier!

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boxes 2.JPG