Forget-Me-Notts Christmas 2013

This week I have been one of Santa’s elves, driving around Nottinghamshire delivering chocolates! 

Forget-Me-Notts is our UK based project providing a chocolatey gift for children in and known to the care system.

Over the last two weeks we have bought, stored, wrapped, packed and delivered 1008 selection boxes. A HUGE thank you to everyone who gave their time and money to help make this project work.


Thank you to Home Bargains on Queen’s Road in Beeston who when they realised they wouldn’t have enough got the Area Manager involved and gathered in all we needed. Thanks Tina for being a star!

Thank you also to the Christian Centre, Nottingham for allowing us to use their building for the wrapping. Each selection box was wrapped individually and with it we put a Christmas Card signed by the elf who wrapped it! This brings me to our elves…a HUGE thank you to Nottingham Knights Cheerleaders and members of the Christian Centre who lovingly wrapped all these boxes. The Nottingham Knights come every Christmas and Easter and support us, not only with the wrapping and pack, but also with fundraising.


What an achievement, thank you again to everyone involved. There will be 1008 children across the Nottingham area this Christmas who will know that they were not forgotten by us.