A Christmas Thank you!

We had so much fun back in November wrapping and packing up 1,240 selection boxes ready to give out to children in and known to the care system all over the East Midlands.


As always the amazing Nottingham University Cheerleaders – Nottingham Knights can and provided much of the wrapping power along with some other very willing volunteers. It is a great joy to have Dawn volunteer with us. Dawn came to know about Forget-Me-Notts when she was in foster care. As a care leaver she now has an understanding of the importance of this project in the lives of the children we give to. Last year Dawn completed a 8 mile walking fundraiser and this year hopes to raise more funds to help the project.

We were also joined by staff from Home Bargains in Beeston, including the Store Manager, Carol. Home Bargains have yet again, been fantastic in providing the selection boxes for us at cost price.

It was my joy to come into the office after Christmas and open a thank you card and letter from one of the homes we give to.


“We were all extremely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity that you have shown by donating the selection boxes over the past years. As you can apprecite the families have already been through trauma due to abuse and leaving their home and what they know behind. Whilst for most the Christmas period is festive, for the families in the refuge it is a difficult time. Many can’t see their fmailies as this poses too much risk and many spend Christmas in the refuge, unable to have visitors. We do our best to provide for the families over this period and try to make it less traumatic by making Christmas a positive time.

The donations you provided have gone a long way in providing for the families with a much needed lift at Christmas. All the families are extremely thankful for their gifts, the smiles on the children’s faces were priceless and you have really helped to give the families a special Christmas.”


I believe this project really makes a difference, it may not seem much to us, but a little bit of chocolate, some careful wrapping and a note to say that we care goes a long way.

Check out the video to hear more.