Hyde Park Run for FMN

I was unsure as to whether I’d be able to complete the run as knee injuries stopped me from training.

Therefore along with bad knees, my fitness wasn’t great and the thought of running 10km felt extremely daunting! The morning came and it suddenly became real that I was going to actually have to run it. The weather was windier than I hoped but the light rain was refreshing and nice to run in.

The course was two laps of fairly flat ground and I managed to get round in 1 hour and 6 minutes, a time I was really pleased with considering my injuries and fitness levels. With my boyfriend and family there it really spurred me on to keep going on the day, but what really inspired me was the money I was raising for such a great charity.

I have been involved in helping Operation Orphan in a small way for the last three years since becoming a Nottingham Knight cheerleader, from helping wrap selection boxes to packing people’s shopping. Now in my final year and as “Charity Sec” on the committee I decided I wanted to do more and try to raise a substantial amount of money not only for a great cause, but a charity run by the most passionate, hardworking and genuinely lovely people.

I raised a total of £502.25 which will go towards the Forget-Me-Notts project.

I’m so glad to have been able to raise this, which I know goes to such a great cause and will help the less fortunate children in the East-Midlands area.