1 idea = 796 Easter Eggs

We chatted it through and Morrisons agreed to take part. 

Last year was the trial run and we received 202 eggs from Morrisons – amazing.  One of these customers was Vicki from Keepmoat, she saw the sign and gave us a ring to see if they could get involved as a company.  

This Easter we re-connected with Vicki and she put it out across their sites in Nottingham and to Nottingham City Homes.  The response was amazing – we have received 355 eggs from Keepmoat and 242 eggs from Morrisons (as well as 148 from Rothera Dowson and 44 from the Legal Aid Agency).  This meant that in addition to the 1,000 already distributed a month before Easter we had 769 eggs, 269 more than we needed. 

Additional eggs at the ready we were able to look again at some of the most needy and deprived areas of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to see where we could help. I’m excited to say that because of one volunteer’s idea we’ve been able to make four new connections this year; three with Sure Start Centres in Cotmanhay, Ilkeston and Inham Nook and one with a youth club in Eastwood.  These will reach some of the most needy children in the East Midlands, and also help us to help those volunteers who work tirelessly to support these communities.

A huge thank you to Val, to Alicia at Morrisons, to Vicki at Keepmoat, to Jo at Rothera Dowson and to all the services that we have given to and to the Nottingham Knights Cheerleaders and everyone who support us year on year playing their part in this exciting journey.  Together we are showing these children that they are not forgotten.


FMN Project Co-ordinator