Making dreams come true!

Within this family we worked with a mum of four young girls had been working hard to keep the house clean and tidy but had few finances left at the end of each week after the basics had been purchased.


Unfortunately, this means that the eldest girl has had springs sticking out of her mattress making it difficult for her to sleep at night.

Even though her mattress has been desperately uncomfortable to sleep on her one dream was to have matching unicorn bedding with her younger 5 year old sister who she shares a bunk bed with.

When we see such personal referrals like this we knew we had to fulfill this young girls dream

One week later with the help of Cheeki Monkeys Grantham, Melton and Oakham and everyone who was quick to jump onboard we were able to complete the referral for the four young girls and their Mum.

Mum was so delighted with the girl’s new mattresses and matching unicorn bedding and even put the spare pillowcases on her bed!! 

Even though bedding may seem like only a small item it will have such a big impact on the lives of these girls as they’ll be able to sleep well and Mum will no longer have to worry about her child and money to fund a bed.

Thank you to everyone that has liked, shared and donated to these referrals!


Brad MooreForget-Me-Notts