Piecing together referrals

Our most recent story shows how a young 14 year old girl was removed from her family home due to her mother’s mental health issues.


The girl is now living with another family who are involved with the multi-agency team who have very little income and in addition to this their benefits have stopped while their information is being updated.

As the young girl was removed from her home she has very few belongings of her own including clothes. Starting life from scratch seems almost impossible to the family as funds are insufficient to provide her with even the basics.

Working with local organisations such as ‘Sharewear’ we are piecing together a clothing parcel for this young girl to get her started again! Working alongside other charities is something very important to us as it means we are able to work as efficiently as we can. While we have space to store some clothing for children, our primary focus, ‘Sharewear’ provides clothing for vulnerable young people and adults.

Building links with people like this makes fulfilling our referrals much easier!