Keep A Child Warm 2012

Our first ever distribution of Winter Kits filled the team with so many emotions. From the desperation of beautiful people to their enormous gratitude for the gift of warmth we gave. 

It meant so much to them that we live so far away and yet heard about their need and responded with compassion.

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Salonta, Transylvania – an orphanage full of incredible children of all ages. Either they have no parents or their parent/s are too poor to feed and clothe them. Some children, found on the streets, living with dogs, now have hope and a safe place to live. These children and helpers were incredibly grateful for their Winter Kits. We were also able to bless them with a pullover each, donated by Blue Max Banner. My hope and dream is that we can help this orphanage to become more sustainable with and food provision, growing vegetables and rearing animals to feed the children throughout the year.

Serbia – a community of impoverished people, set apart because of class, lack of education and a culture they have inherited from former generations.


Giving coats to these people doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg. They need education, and people to believe in those who have the desire to change. One lasting memory is visiting a home where a five year old girl was left to mind her three younger siblings. Surrounded by flies we tried to comfort the crying babies. I am thankful for the family working in this area and showing these people there is a different way to live.

Tap, Hungary – a community of people, fighting to make ends meet.


Even those with jobs, working 40 hours per week, fail to make enough money to cover the most basic costs of living. 11% of these people can’t afford to heat their homes through the winter and struggle to pay for the non-essentials such as A COAT! Children in Hungary freeze to death… even in their own home!

Five hundred people in Tap came through the doors and went away clothed and happy. With gratitude and certainly not greed, from new-born to elderly thankfully received what we gave and we FELT the difference it had made. More than the gift itself, the fact that people lovingly donated these coats was entirely significant. A people group who have felt forgotten and historically have been, aren’t forgotten any longer. We felt HOPE restored.


Thanks to the Mayor, Szivli Farkas, and all the volunteers for making this distribution possible. Your grateful hearts have inspired me to keep more children warm next year.

If you are reading this post and would like to get involved as a school or group or organisation, please get in touch. email me at

Let’s keep changing lives for a brighter future.