Zimbabwe Update

The work in Zimbabwe is going really well.

We have focused our attention on supporting projects in the Eastern City of Mutare. We have strong relationships with the coordinators of these projects, which gives us total confidence that all the support is reaching the children.

Children Of Hope continues to help keep an increasing number of orphans in education. In addition to paying for their school fees, books and uniforms, Nancy regularly visits the homes where the kids live to ensure they are being looked after well. Because of the overwhelming and challenging situations being faced by many guardians, we have had a report that some of our children are struggling at home and not receiving appropriate care from their guardians. The team are looking at ways to strengthen the care structure and our recent partnership with Amatelaz(see below) may be a key to do this. Keeping children with their extended family has benefits and risks and our goal is to work this through to find and maintain an appropriate and relevant response.

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Hope for Life. This project provides a safe haven for children born with HIV. We have sent a grant of £322 to go towards their December holiday camp.

Amatelaz – Operation Orphan has recently partnered with a great project called Amatelaz (young ones). This project is based in Mutare Zimbabwe and has developed into a fantastic support to over 70 orphans in Sakubva Township. The hub of the project is the homework centre and this has proven very effective in improving the children’s education results and helping them prepare for adulthood. Children also have access to, sewing and gardening classes, music and drama programmes as well as training and empowerment to establish self-help projects.

It is here that these children have a place where they belong. They know they are special and that there is genuine concern for their well -being. For more information please contact us.