Teddies - A Big Hit In Ghana

Another huge thank you to all who knitted Teddy Bears for the children out in Ghana.

We had lots of fun giving a teddy to every child at the Nutrition Centre and also all the children on the ward at the Medical Centre at the King’s Village. It was so good to be able to give them something that they could call their own and the bright colours were a big hit!


The Nutrition Centre works to rehabilitate malnourished children and educate the carers (often the mothers, but occasionally grandmothers or older sisters). Every day the centre deals with children who are severely malnourished, ensuring that they are carefully re-hydrated and then gradually reintroduced to the right foods. The carers are taught how to make up a porridge called Weanimix from ground nuts, soya beans and maize. This supplies the children with a good mix of the right things to help them grow into strong and healthy children.


I was in awe of the guys at the Nutrition Centre who work very hard, sometimes getting up at 2 hourly intervals throughout the night to ensure that these tiny babies are brought back from the brink of death. There have been numerous success stories from the centre. I had the privilege of meeting Alhassan and Fusina who, having been thrown out of their village with their grandmother 3 years ago are now living at the Nutrition Centre and are walking proof that this work is saving lives.


We also saw the other end of the story when we visited one of the villages and were bought another set of twins. These two little ones are 16 months old and weighed in at 3.9 and 4.2 kilos – less than their original birth weight. They have been admitted into the Nutrition Centre and will hopefully make a full recovery. But as you can see, these little lives are quite literally in the balance.


So thank you again to those who knitted teddies and gave kind donations. You brought a smile to mums, babies and children. There was much clapping and singing at the end of our little teddy giving ceremony and they will bring joy for much time to come.

Jess Taylor

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