KACW Syrian Refugess - Container Loaded

This morning we loaded up the container and it’s on its way to Jordan.

 The Big Yellow Self Storage in Nottingham were kind enough to let us have one of the downstairs rooms over night so that we didn’t have to move 500 boxes upstairs and then back down again! I want to say a massive THANK YOU to EVERYONE who have been involved in making this dream become a reality. Those who donated the thousands of items of clothing or generously gave money to pay for the logistics, thank you. To all who gave up their time and came to physically sort, pack and load, without you, this would not have been possible.


As you can see in the picture there are boxes left over. The response over the last 8 weeks has truly been inspiring and humbling. These boxes will be stored and shipped to Jordan or another disaster zone at a later date.

A small team will be joining me at the end of January on an expedition to Jordan where, if all continues to go to plan, we will be involved in helping distribute the clothing to the Syrian people.

Once again THANK YOU