Syrian Refugees in Jordan Part 3 – Our response

The truth is we cannot help everyone with everything.

Having been there and seen first hand the condition the families are living in and the integrity of our partners, helping these families long term is the right thing to do. I would like to see us not only helping them now but helping them rebuild their homes and lives when they return to Syria.

So this is where we will start.


1. Monitor the distribution of the clothing and assess if or when another container is required

2. Send whatever money we raise/receive to empower the Jordanian team to meet the needs of the children of 100 Syrian families. We have already given £400. The day after they received this the team, led by a retired Army Colonel, had made a list of all the children that needed urgent medical attention and essential consumables like milk and nappies for the babies. This and subsequent donations will help offset the massive financial demands faced daily by these families.


Email for fundraising ideas.

Thank you for reading