Dominica – Relief Update

I’ve just returned from my 3 week trip to Dominica. There is lots to be done to get the country back on it’s feet after the tropical storm Erika.

gerry 2.jpg

During my trip, I had two main objectives – firstly, to distribute relief to those affected by the storm and secondly, to assess the current needs and develop a Case for Support for supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Dominica.

I’ve been travelling to all locations indicated on this map and suffice to say, the need in these areas is great though variable. Through discussions with village council representatives I was able to identify the most vulnerable children and distributed some of the funds he raised in the following way.

gerry map.jpg

A: Coulibistrie village: £ 350.00 to 3 single young  mums displaced by the storm – funds to be used to for consumables and living expenses 

B: Loubierre village: £ 350.00 to 3 single young  mums (1 pregnant) displaced by the storm – funds to be used to for consumables and living expenses 

B: Baptiste family: £100.00 towards house repair

I have also visited points C and D and will send an update on how funding will be used here soon.

Following  a meeting with the Environmental Advisor Dr Russell and will be exploring the viability of clean water distribution as there appears to be potential crisis in this matter. So far I have spent £100.00 on bottled water distribution so far.

In closing hurricane season officially finishes 30th November and people here are remarkable in ‘getting on with it’!  Our redirected  container was a good move as the countries need is far more focused on rebuild strategies (health and welfare) rather than clothing.

More from me to come…