Homes for Orphans

We have been eagerly following the progress of the building work in Sierra Leone.

Two of the homes have now been completed, and most of the furniture made for each home, including beds, chairs and other dining furniture. This stuff looks great, but is also strong and built to last!

home bed.jpg

During the summer Sierra Leone experienced some unprecedented storms, which resulted in flooding and more devastation to people’s lives and homes.  We are so glad these new homes, not even lived in yet, were completed enough to withstand the floods.  It has, however, put back the final stage.  The cess pit needs digging and the shared kitchen needs building.  Both of these could not be done during the heavy rains, but once these steps are complete, 24 of the 56 children will be able to move into their brand new homes.  They are currently living in temporary bungalow style accommodation, built for the teachers at the school back in 2014.  Kippy, the project co-ordinator and founder of Heaven Homes, tells us that the children are so excited, and she is looking forward to helping them establish their own permanent space – a huge factor in beginning to deal with the trauma they have experienced.

Thank you so much to Clive, Jan, Jo and Shaun who have been hard at work fundraising for these precious children, and to others who have donated.  We hope to send a small team to visit the children in their new homes and officially open them in February. Click here for more information about the trip.

If you would like to invest in the lives of these children please donate so that the other 3 homes can be built.