Cyrilyn’s Zimbabwe Story

Some of my most memorable moments would have to include hand-painting at Nzeve (deaf school) and seeing not just the reaction of the children but also the staff!

The pictures were beautiful, using powder paint, mixed with flour and water to create the right consistency.


A personal highlight for me was seeing our beautiful Natasha, a young girl we have been sponsoring in education for over 2 years. She is a student of excellence and has an opportunity for a brighter future, despite having no parents or siblings. She has her heart set on Geology and I think she can make it.


Lastly, spending the week with a bunch of incredible ladies who I had the pleasure of getting to know in such a deep level – that was precious and made this week an unforgettable experience – sunshine, wild animals, precious children and a wonderful team – what more could I have asked for?

Cyrilyn Moore