Sophie’s Zimbabwe Story

On our first day we were up early to attend a Sunday morning church service in the local community.

Everybody was so welcoming towards us and enthusiastic about their faith. There was a lot of singing and music throughout. The congregation was involved and vocal in the service. It was exciting to experience another denomination of Christianity.

The children at the Amatelaz Homework Centre were inspirational. Those that attend are orphans. Some go to school part-time, others do not attend at all due to financial difficulties or they have failed their exams so now attend Amatelaz to revise in order to re-sit. Listening to their stories, I found the pupils are keen to further their education and achieve their ambitions. The children and young adults had such a positive attitude towards learning. It was a delight to spend time at Amatelaz. Whilst we were there we supported the pupils with their learning. I listened to them read and helped them with comprehension. I found they were so grateful for the help they received. It was a pleasure getting to know the pupils.



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