Zimbabwe: Hope for Life Update

Hope for life is pursuing its vision to empower children, adolescents and youth living with HIV/AIDS through psycho-social support. Through our initiatives we have made a positive impact in many children’s lives.


Our Enrolment of Beneficiaries August 2015

Group Discussion on the Disclosure issues

Group Discussion on the Disclosure issues

The Psychosocial Support Group Meetings have been made possible by the support from Operation Orphan UK and our partnership with local organizations. We also appreciate the work being done by all voluntary staff and facilitators.

Every first Saturday of the month we meet with the children in our Support Groups. Major topics that are covered are:

  • Treatment

  • Adherence

  • Disclosure

  • Stigma and discrimination

  • Sexual reproduction healthy

Mother with her baby

Mother with her baby

We have three of our support group members who are now married and have successfully followed the process of P.M.T.C.T.   and both have babies now.

In addition to this, three of our members also doing A level studies and one is at University.

On behalf of all the children I would like to thank everyone who supports the work of Hope for Life

Never Femayi

Project Director