Zimbabwe: Children of Hope Update

All is well this with the school fees all paid up for those who brought their school reports on time. Things have improved since we introduced ‘bring a report first before we pay fees’ policy.

The children who live in town suburbs are the first ones to bring their reports the day they close school. The ones in Sakubva take their time to bring the reports so we end up paying their fees late. Annamore , Shepherd and Jabulani helped with the paying of fees in Chikanga Primary, Chikanga Secondary, Baring Primary, Chancellor Primary, St Dominic’s Secondary, and Sakubva Secondary.  In Dangamvura we were told that Charles had not been coming to school since schools opened. They said that they heard that he went to Mozambique to visit his sister Mitchell. The guardian said nothing about it when she came to see us, about the missing books from school, which he is accused of losing them.

Gladys said her performance has gone down, because before she leaves home she has to do housework first then leaves home without eating breakfast. So we did ask Mr. Mashamba to allow her to have lunch at the study centre Amatalaz at Presbyterian Church, since it’s just across the road from Elise Gledhill Secondary school where she attends. We also advised Devotion , Forward and Patience to attend lessons at Amatalaz in the afternoon for extra lessons. For Thulani we went to ask the guardian to check her homework every day before she goes to school. Chipo came out with 19 units in grade 7, she got a place at Chikanga Secondary for form 1.We were asked by the school head to pay a visit to the school to confirm that we are responsible for her fees. I also visited Chancellor Primary to discuss how we can help Rutendo with her fees. Shepherd , Shanazi , Blessing , Sandra and Courage are waiting for their O’level results.


Kelley went for two check-ups, one for cd4 count and collection of supplies. Silas went to Zimunya clinic to collect his supplies. We didn’t have any complains of sickness from other children. On the guardian side it’s their usual high or low blood pressure and swelling of legs.


We were able to give them the food parcels for the month of January; we have included Joseph in food parcels because he has been struggling to make ends meet. He has been with us for the past four years and doing his graphic designing at Mutare Polytechnic.


We managed to visit Grace to see how the children are and also to check or delegate someone to make sure that homework is done.  We went to see Chipo at 34 Mutangadura and there was no one at home, then we proceeded to Anne and Peter. They were both home. She did ask if we could read to her since she is partially blind. In Zimta we went to see the Mabasa family and they had Mavis’ elderly mum there who came from the flooded area of Tokwe river. Mavis told us that the all the children are fine but that the mother had brought Vimbai, an orphan, who was staying with them and not going to school because she could not afford the fees.

All that should be done for the month has been done, a few schools visited and a few homes. Groceries were collected from the church, we also added chip sticks for them to take to school, donated by Ebbtide – oh, what a treat for them! What are left now are school fees for the Honde children, who did us proud with their school results. For OLevel students we are sitting at the edge of the chair now, because it’s any time.

On behalf of the children, thank you for all of your support

Nancy Chulu

Project Co-ordinator