Training Teachers!

Things in Zimbabwe are getting progressively tougher.

There has been the warning that salaries for trainee teachers will drop from USD$320 to USD $180 per month. From this he has to pay for transport, materials, course work, resources and placement term fees. Operation Orphan has committed to funding his study time at Marymount Teachers Training College over the 3 year course.  The salary from his placement was to cover the fees for placement terms, however, with this potential reduction in salary Operation Orphan has committed to helping Maxwell to complete his training to set him up for life.  Should the government reduce their salaries, Maxwell will pay $90 towards the fees and Operation Orphan will pay the balance. The rest of his salary will be used to pay for his living and any additional training costs.

Maxwell is a gem, highly motivated and passionate about building a brighter future for himself. On behalf of Maxwell I would like to thank Carlton Community Church for empowering Maxwell to gain his teacher training certificate.

Maxwell is one of many examples of how through Keep a Child Learning, the destiny of a child can be altered for good – forever.


Please consider joining the Operation Orphan family to help us repeat this story. Keep a Child Learning works and we would love to extend this opportunity to others around the world.