The Challenge is ON!

How many items of clothing can you possibly put on in just 5 minutes? 

Well, challenge week is upon us and we cannot wait to find out how you all get on with layering up for the cause.  Several groups have completed their challenge already and the scores we’ve received have been added to our leader board.  The hustle and bustle of this challenge is just fantastic.  I personally helped at Firbeck Academy where we asked people to donate clothing we could use for the challenge, as well as then donating this to the charity afterwards for fundraising.  The Nottingham Knights Cheerleaders got involved and I’m sure you will agree are a sight to behold. 

This Keep a Child Warm challenge is designed to raise awareness and funds, enabling us to continue our work in keeping children warm.  Each year, Operation Orphan visits European countries, helping the most vulnerable children to prepare to face the freezing conditions inevitable.  Each year, teams of people return from these trips with stories, proving the necessity of this project.  Each year, we are more even determined to continue helping orphans and vulnerable children to access the most basic things they need for life.  Keep a Child Warm is just one strand of our Keep a Child scheme.  This is child sponsorship with a difference.  We ask donors to help us keep children warm, safe, healthy and learning by becoming part of the Operation Orphan family.  Giving £5/$5 per month is a much more sustainable way of doing things, as for many people, they can afford to give this without it massively impacting their day-to-day life and yet, for the children we are helping, this would help us make an enormous difference.  We work on the basis that if many people give a little, together we can change lives for a brighter future. 

If you can help us in this way or would like to take part in our Keep a Child Warm challenge, please get in touch.