Amatelaz News September 2016

Winnie, Dylon, Doreen and Deliah are here choosing their library books.

One of the major goals of the Homework Centre is to ensure that, from an early age, children have a solid grasp of the English language. The volunteers at the centre speak English as their first language therefore as the children read aloud they can be helped each step of the way.

Check out these encouraging photos. Prince is writing a speech. Rosemary and Munyaradzi are revising geography. Sarah, Osilea, Nyasha and Ruvimbo are drawing graphs. Jane and Noreen are busy revising commerce.  These photos clearly show how the Homework Centre is providing a safe, productive space for these children to improve in their studies. 

June, Jacob and the volunteers do an incredible job helping the children with all their subjects.  Their hard work has paid off and they are seeing improvements in the children’s attainment levels.

I want to personally thank the amazing Zim team and everyone who regularly supports this vital intervention.