Bubbles and Face Paint = Love and Laughter

The trip was designed as an opportunity to distribute the coats for Keep a Child Warm.

One week before our arrival, we had some news. We found out that due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the government are stringently checking all goods coming into the country.  The aim is to make sure drugs and arms are not being brought in under the disguise of international aid. Who can blame them? There is obviously nothing to hide in our shipment but these processes can take time – up to 3 months!

Sadly, the coats did not make it through customs in time for our trip, but the team decided to come anyway and we changed the focus of our time to bring some joy and laughter to the children instead. The coats will arrive eventually and volunteers from around Ukraine will help us to give these out to the children for whom they are intended.

We met lots of beautiful children who are desperately in need of love. We visited government orphanages where so many orphans live with the label of mental illness. The schools are crying out for help as to how to integrate children, with their individual needs into the school system. If any professionals could help us with this I would be extremely grateful.

I had no idea that a bottle of bubbles could bring so much joy.

Our team did an incredible job, learning as we went. We painted faces, modeled balloons, sang songs, blew bubbles and played games with children.  All with the challenge of the language barrier. It’s amazing how much communication can be done without words. Our interpreters helped no end and we were so grateful for their support. At the end of the day it’s the universal language of a smiles that proved to be the most effective way to show these children we care for them.

Next year we hope to return with another team and continue to work with our partners, Circle of Friends, to build on these relationships.

These children need some kindness. They need that smile and the right to play.

(UN article 32)

Thanks to our fantastic team who have been so flexible this week and thanks to our family of supporters who give financially to help make things happen.

If you would like to become part of our Keep a Child family and help us to help orphans and vulnerable children around the globe, please click the link below or get in touch with our office for more info.