Yarn in Yorkshire

This was one of many talks we have been asked to share with many different communities around York. 

This particular group welcomed us with open arms and we were slightly taken aback when we found there were only about eight ladies present.  But, we told our story, showed our photos and talked about the need for winter hats, gloves, coats etc and how they were used.  The ladies were really interested and over a cup of tea, served in China cups (we were treated like royalty), said they wanted a knitting pattern for hats.

Four months down the line we received a phone call to ask if we could pick up the knitting.  So, off we trekked to pick up not just a few hats but EIGHTY hand knitted, with love from EIGHT ladies who had in turn gone and asked their friends who had asked their friends and suddenly we had beautiful hats in all colours and sizes.

Small acts of love from people with big hearts!  This is something we are humbled to witness time after time.

Aside from the knitting, an acquaintance recently arrived out of the blue and his car was full of packs of disposable nappies.  There must have been 40 packs – what a generous gift!  He didn’t have access to clothing for Keep a Child Warm but felt this was something he could give.  We find that nappies are such an easy thing for people to get involved with, particularly some of our elderly friends.  They often say to us that they don’t have contact with any children or young people, neither do they knit, but are happy to buy a pack of nappies when they go to the supermarket.

Jill and Gail