Update from Nepal

Our financial support covers tuition fees, school uniform and essential school equipment.

Three of our children live in Lamahi; some 170 miles west of Kathmandu. Thapathali Slum in Kathmandu is home to five of these children. Here there are two education centres; one for 7-15 year olds and a pre-school for the younger children. Good education and other activities such as dance, quiz contests and prize giving awards are improving the children’s lives.

Five of these children live in the Godavari Slum area, outside of Kathmandu. The Godavari Slum Tuition Centre has 36 students attending classes every day from 4pm to 6pm. Two teachers provide education and food.

The academic performance of our five children shows improvement. Project Coordinator Ram says “They were attending poorly managed schools and now, with our support, they have moved to better schools.  They can now receive a better education and get higher marks in their performances.”

The facilitators of the tuition centre visit the homes of these children and ask about their general wellbeing.  Ram says “Their guardians seem very happy with the improvement of their education. They are grateful for the financial support every month which has helped them to support their child’s education, pay school fees and purchase necessary school equipment.”

Rajan and Sajan are brothers, living with their grandmother and stepmother.  The brothers did not go to school as their grandmother could not afford the fees.  Ram met with the boys and encouraged them to  attend school with our financial help. They now attend regularly and also go to the tuition centre in the evenings.

Ram tells us that Rajan is multi-talented in singing, drawing and an impressive story teller. Sajan is a very honest and gentle young boy with lots of potential to grow. His talents are yet to be discovered as he is very shy and quiet.

On the occasion of Dashain, Nepali’s biggest Hindu festival, all the parents buy new clothes and shoes for their children. The National Mission Commission of Nepal decided to buy new clothes for Rajan and Sajan as their grandmother could not afford to do so. “They were delighted and grateful to get a new pair of pants and a sweater for the festival. It was a real festival and time of celebration for them.”