Family Learning at Nzeve

Her mother, the third wife of an elderly man, struggles to bring her for early intervention and needs support to engage with her deaf daughter. 

Violet’s mother comes when she can with her baby and Violet, and stays in the cottages at Nzeve for a few nights so that they can attend the programme at Nzeve.  They then return to their rural home (60km from Mutare) each weekend.  In 2015, Violet was in her second year at Nzeve and Violet’s mother has gained confidence and taken on the role of a mentor parent – teaching other new mothers.  Violet is a slow learner but is showing progress, learning social skills and communicating with others.  Her eyes light up when she sees her favourite book and she loves to sit and name the animals in the pictures.  Violet (in pink) has started to sign more now and is able to sit and watch at story time.