Senior's Sewing Story

By empowering Senior to go to school as well as attend classes in sewing, this young man discovered he has a talent that is helping him earn a living. In a country where unemployment is over 90% this is hugely significant.

Wendy Masusa runs a vocational training programme attached to the Amatelaz Homework Centre and it is here that Senior discovered and has honed this talent. He now has a steady flow of orders and is generating a liveable income. He is young, passionate and talented. Without the Amatelaz homework centre and the finances to empower children like Senior to learn, this story could be vastly different.

It was an honour and privilege to see Senior at work and the pride on Wendy’s face as Senior showed me the beautiful garments he has created.

Keep a Child Learningcreates the opportunity for a child to redefine their future, one that their personal attitude, passion and talent will define. They no longer have to be victims of their circumstances, but are given the chance to thrive. Please consider joining the Operation Orphan family to help us repeat this story. Keep a Child Learning works and we would sincerely love to extend this opportunity to other orphans around the world.