Fighting the termites!

One of the reasons for coming back each year is to ensure that the Nutrition Centre is still running smoothly.

It is 8 years since we opened the centre and to date it has saved the lives of over 1625 children and supported a further 2400 children in the communities. However the huts are looking very tired and are all in need of some structural repair. The harsh weather conditions have taken a very heavy toll on them, together with the very active termites!!  We managed to replace the doors and windows in 5 of the worst huts, leaving 6 still to do, at £45 per hut, we had to pace the refurbishments.

We have also made the journey back across the Volta River to see the people of the ‘overseas’ and to check on the clinic we built 18 months ago. It is suffering with an inadequate supply of drugs – a shame as the Ghana Health Authority promised to keep it well stocked! There are 5 nurses working there on rotation trying their hardest for the people.

With all the corruption around we are so grateful that we can trust the staff working out of the King’s Village, and are always so happy with the fantastic job they are doing.


Rebecca Flanagan