Support to refugees in Jordan continues

Among the Syrian refugees, we met a widow with seven children; four daughters and three sons.  Her husband died in Jordan due to an illness.  Because of this, her sons were forced to work in illegal jobs because the government does not allow the refugees to work. But the government learned that the sons were working and sent them back to Syria. The widow is now alone with her daughters in Jordan. When we learned of her situation, we went directly to her. We brought food boxes and clothing and told her where she could go for free medical treatment. One of her daughters has psychological struggles; she is afraid to go outside and only wants to be with her mom.”

They also shared this story which highlights the difficulties of integration and the impact of not being free to earn a decent living.

“We met another Syrian family in yet another very bad situation. The mother and father have three children; twin girls (age 12) and one boy (age 9). The father is working for a used shoe shop. He takes the shoes home to clean them and earns only fifty cents per pair of shoes. He can only earn $7.00 per week which is not enough money to buy food for his family. When his children ask for things, he always has to say no. The children do not understand and think that their parents are not nice because they cannot purchase the things the children want to buy. In addition to the financial hardships, the father is also treated badly by others because he is a refugee. Jordanian children literally mock and hit him”

Thank you for your support. We are committed to getting help as close to the front line as possible. Our partners in Jordan work day and night supporting as many displaced families as they possibly can. Having been with them and experienced their love, care and trustworthy work ethic I am confident that the support they receive through us is making a significant difference in the lives of many who are living through their worst nightmare.


SyriaRebecca Flanagan