Children of the Nutrition Centre

It saddens us to think that there is just nothing that can be done – their organs are already in failure and short of a miracle, it’s just a matter of time.

This isn’t the fault of famine or war but of no education, of tribal beliefs that have gone unchallenged for generations, and of the corruption that goes on in governmental departments. This corruption results in more suffering for these already struggling people.

In January 2012 twins, Asana and Fuseina were brought into the centre after their mother had died during childbirth. An aged aunt from a distant village took over caring for them. She spent many months in the centre until they were strong enough to return home with her. Imagine our surprise when the Aunt appeared with the twins at the Nutrition Centre unannounced (photo above).  She said she had heard we were back and wanted us to see how well they were doing. We were quite overcome to see them and to see how they had flourished but hugely saddened to hear that their father, only a young man had also died last year, leaving them truly as orphans. During their time in the centre a visitor from Accra, herself a twin, decided she wanted to support them. They are now attending school in their community, what a fantastic outcome from a very sad beginning.

However, due to the work at the centre, there are sucess stories as well.  The surviving triplets that we brought in from Singa last year are thriving, though unfortunately half way through last year their mother passed away from the original illness she had presented with last January.  The father – the main Imam for the overseas – doesn’t want the children to return home until they are older and stronger. Thankfully an aunt has taken responsibility for them in a village not far from the Nutrition Centre enabling them to come regularly for weighing etc.  

We feel so thankful and blessed that we have had the opportunity to work alongside so many dedicated and caring people who spend their lives giving in so many ways to the poorest of people. So may gems who make you feel so proud that there are those who unconditionally love and give knowing they won’t get anything back except the peace and joy that comes from being able to help those that can’t help themselves.

Thank you again to all of you who pray, support and give us your love.

Ann and Terry

The babies at one month old and now!