We saw the joy in their eyes

We visited some of the orphans and we gave them school supplies, which included a variety of books and pencils and drawing books, school bags in addition to various items of clothes.

We saw the joy in their eyes when we visited them and gave them these gifts.

One of them had exposure to a traffic accident with his Dad and Mom. They both died in that traffic accident, and now he is living with his uncle in a small room with others families.  This little boy and also other kids who lost their Dad or Mom, are living with a broken heart without any support and no one ask about them, but they feel happiness when we visit them and are encouraged by receiving these gifts.”

What is so encouraging is that a small gift can have such a positive impact.

If you want to give knowing your donation will make a real difference in the life of an orphan in this war ravaged part of the world, click the link below. Thank you.