Blankets, blankets and more blankets!

We are two weeks into the campaign and the donations of large blankets are flooding in.  Every day we have another delivery and we are delighted to see the blankets piling up.


These blankets are going to be given to vulnerable children from many backgrounds. Some are heading to Moldova where they will be protecting the children against the freezing winter.  Others will end up in homes around the UK where children who are in or known to the care system will benefit from a gift this Christmas.  Our contacts within the care system believe they will be a source of warmth, comfort and a reminder that these children are not forgotten at a time of year when they perhaps feel most vulnerable.

For the past five years, we have given knitted blankets as part of our Keep a Child Warm project.  This has taught us what is really needed.  The 6ft x 4ft blankets that we have asked for are the most useful and versatile.  These blankets can be used on a single bed to keep warm at night.  They can also be wrapped around the shoulders of families struggling to keep warm after a disaster or crisis situation.  They are a sign that people care and want to help and this has been proven every day when the post arrives.  We’ve had so many parcels delivered containing beautiful blankets that people have crafted with love and care.  These deliveries have also included brand new blankets from those who don’t knit or crochet but want to help in whatever way they can.


To date, we have received over 100 blankets.  We are so very grateful to everyone who has supported this campaign so far.  If you need any help with knitting / crochet patterns please get in touch with us (